Woodville Lacrosse Club Inc - Adelaide, South Australia - est 1899


Player's Code of Conduct
  • Always play by the rules.
  • Never argue with an official. If you disagree, ask your Captain, Coach or Manager to approach the official during a break or after the competition.
  • Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other players or deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is neither acceptable nor permitted.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team's performance will benefit and so will you.
  • Be a good sport. Applaud all good plays by your own team as well as the opposition.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated yourself. Do not interfere with, bully or take unfair advantage of another player.
  • Cooperate with your coach, teammates and opponents. Without them there would be no competition.
  • Place isolated incidents of unsporting behaviour in their proper perspective.
  • Show respect for your fellow Club members.